Twitter Powerhouses

Yasamin co-created the "Twitter Powerhouses" series for HuffPost, which focuses on the contributions of people who have helped to expand, influence and redefine how we view social media. In total, there were 29 issues which included exclusive interviews with Arsenio Hall, Gretchen Rubin and Naomi Campbell. 


Arsenio Hall’s Passion for Charity

It is hard to not have respect for wealthy celebrities who are willing to raise both awareness and money to impact many of the defining, moral issues of our time. In fact, the role of the purpose-driven, charitable public figure is something talk show host Arsenio Hall has proudly embraced — in front of the camera, and away from the public eye.


Gretchen Rubin and the Power of Happiness

Millennium after millennium, the word "happiness" has provided a portrait of the range of emotions positively impacting the human condition. We know the satisfaction that comes from starting a business, taking a well-deserved vacation, overcoming a crippling fear, or mastering a new language. However one defines it or makes their way to it, this much is certain: Very few have come to symbolize the power and possibilities of happiness more than writer Gretchen Rubin. She has helped to set the tone.


Naomi Campbell’s Social Good Style

There is a reason that humanity is drawn to great stories of achievement: acts of generosity that elevate our perspective, and endeavors so amazing they defy comprehension. Remember the poem “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” — the tale of a flower standing tall despite its surroundings? The three of us are inspired by its lessons, and we believe it applies to the journey of entrepreneur, philanthropist and fashionista Naomi Campbell.


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